Product number one

Product number one

Fresh natural water is very important for the whole mankind and is to be preserved and cautiously used.

Water desalted with osmosis and distillation (evaporation and condensation) is dangerous for people health because of big quantity of heavy hydrogen (D2O) and oxygen isotope (O18). In artesian drinking water D2O and O18 are regulated with salt composition (Ca and Mg). Desalted water is lack of Ca and Mg composition, but D2O and O18  (0,002%) penetrate into genetic system. This information is known in UAE. As a result 25% of the population in UAE suffers from pancreatic diabetes and another 25% of the population is in hazard area. Coastal ecology has been destroyed during 40 years spent on water desalting (38 water desalting factories).

In the process of making potable water the activity of water desalted plants is not connected and is not compulsory to use natural sorbents (diatomite, pearlite, zeolite and others) with the aim to improve ecologic situation in cities and to reduce costs to keep the green unites and ponds. According to medicine, economic and ecologic demands it must be done.

“Ecompromin” natural zeolites of volcanic origin have such unique properties as sorption, ionic exchange, molecular-screen, catalytic. These micro porous minerals containing Ca, K, Mg, Na, P and other micro elements, provide plants with keeping moisture in soil, prevent from washing out fertilizers from soil. As a result detoxification of heavy metals salt and radionuclide deactivation in soil happen. Minerals allow not only to clean the water from different polluted things, but to stop to develop blue-green seaweed and to make the whole eco-system healthy.

Our Association offers you to take up the opportunity to use natural zeolite “Ecopromin” in city services and natural complex units: gardening, landscaping, water pools (city, industrial, waste), decorative pond, fish water pond, purification plants and others.

From our part we can provide high-qualified technical project support and delivery of high quality natural minerals.


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