The Caucasus — a new world class logistic centre

The world is becoming more dynamic and the economy must match it. Saudi Arabia might become the center of the progress, to combine all the advantages: peacemaking, economic miracle, and comfortable life. The dream, thanks to which the Arabic peninsula will be heaven on Earth not only for the local people but for the tourists, will come true. The whole world economy will serve and implement the dream with the Saudi Arabia key role in it and the country will become the center of development.

The Great Volga project, the Transcontinental prospect, the Silk Road and the North-marine-way become one complex program for all the countries with the center in middle East.

The new president of the USA and the presidents of other countries can discuss this program at the water Summit in the UAE as the first step to fulfil the program “Water is the symbol of life”.

Our company “TON Corporation, Ltd.” is ready to organize and present the program in Abu Dhabi where we showed our offer for many companies in 2012-2013 and came to some agreements.

Because of the war events in Siria, the project implementation has been stopped, but now it’s the time to restart the important  activity to change the life of the peninsular  for the better.

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